Air Conditioning Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance is essential to keep your air conditioner running effectively and save you money.

How often do you need air conditioning maintenance?

To ensure optimum performance, reliability and efficiency of your air conditioning system, regular maintenance is important.

This can often be overlooked by homeowners as the main system components are usually out of sight (and, therefore, out of mind!). With regular maintenance, your air conditioning system will keep you and your family comfortable for many years.

To ensure the best possible operation of your system, you should ensure maintenance is carried out:

  • Before periods of expected high usage (summer or winter seasons).
  • At least annually or semi-annually.
  • By a licensed technician.

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The benefits of regular aircon maintenance:

  • Regular cleaning will help to maintain the system’s hygiene, protecting your family from harmful contaminants and allergens, including mould, mildew, and bacteria.
  • Regular maintenance can detect potential problems, which could save you from expensive repair bills.
  • A properly maintained system will be more reliable and operate more efficiently.
  • An efficient system can reduce power consumption and electricity costs.
  • Periodic maintenance can prolong the life of your system.
air conditioner maintenance

What can happen if you ignore regular maintenance?

There are many potential risks associated with avoiding or delaying maintenance of your air conditioning system, including:

  • Harmful contaminants and allergens can be introduced when cooling or heating air in your home.
  • Harmful gasses produced by the system can leak into your home and the environment.
  • Inefficient operation can lead to increased power consumption and electricity costs.
  • Poor or irregular maintenance can reduce the life of your system.

These problems could impact your family in a variety of ways, including affecting their health. Avoiding or delaying maintenance of your air conditioning system could also lead to unchecked problems, resulting in expensive repair bills when problems occur.

What we check during regularly scheduled air conditioning maintenance.

Our air conditioning maintenance program examines key components and operating effectiveness of your system.
We check:

  • Overall condition of indoor and outdoor units.
  • Cooling and heating effectiveness.
  • Compressor amperes (amp) draw.
  • All electrical components.
  • Carbon monoxide levels.
  • Thermostat operation.
  • Controller operation.
  • Condensation drains.
  • Operating pressures.
  • System gas levels.
  • Airflow efficiency.

We also undertake a full rejuvenation service of your system, including:

  • Cleaning the outdoor unit and clearing any debris.
  • Cleaning the indoor unit's grille and cover.
  • Cleaning filters and coils.
  • Oiling the fan motor.

Evaporative aircon winter shutdowns and covers.

We offer winter shutdowns and covers for your evaporative system to assist in preventing the build-up of mould and contaminants while it sits unused over the winter months. This also helps protect the unit from the elements and stops that pesky cold draft creeping in through your vents.

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