Air Conditioning FAQ

SINGLE ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS – A one-piece unit which must be installed in an external wall or window. These can be available in Reverse Cycle to include heating or Cooling only.

SPLIT SYSTEMS – Generally two piece units (but can be more in the case of multi splits) consisting of an Indoor and Outdoor Unit. We can supply Split Systems as Reverse Cycle or Cooling only.

DUCTED SYSTEMS – Ducted air conditioners are able to cool down whole or part of a house. This is a highly specialised area and should only be undertaken by a qualified contractor.
Your air conditioning size requirements will depend on a number of factors.
These factors include the aspect positioning of your house, the material the house is made of and more.

During our initial consultation we will talk you through your requirements in detail.
A professional air condition technician should clean the unit at least once a year; this should be done before Summer to avoid long servicing delays during the Summer period.
As with most professions, you need to be trained to do the job properly, this is why in Australia, it is law that all Air Conditioning installers who handle refrigerant have the correct licence to do these jobs.

Electrical FAQ

Definitely not !
In Australia it is illegal for anyone but a qualified electrician to do any domestic wiring or house rewiring.
Even if the work has been done to standard it will not pass certification which is bad news especially if you need to sell the property.
An RCD is a residual-current device, also known as a safety switch. The device is designed to monitor the electrical current and disconnect the power when a leak is detected.
Yes. Please inquire about our call out fee at the time of booking.