Local Electrical and Air Conditioning Services in Peppermint Grove

Professional Electrician Testing and Fixing Electrical Outlet

Local Electrical and Air Conditioning Services in Peppermint Grove

Unexpected power failure is unsettling, not if you have Peppermint Grove’s best local electricians with you.

We have the knowledge, technical know-how and the right tools to fix any and every electrical problem.

From electrical wiring, lights, fans, CCTV cameras to air conditioners, we can help.

Effective, efficient and economical, we leave the site after cleaning up and winning your 100% satisfaction.

Be it repair, replacement or new installations, call us and get things sorted for yourself.

Peppermint Grove Electricians for Hire

Residential, Commercial and Real Estate/Property Managers 

Entered the home only to see the lights flickering? Power failure at peak hours in your cafe? Suspects electrical safety of the new construction? Platinum Power and Air is the answer to your problems.

We have a trained team to handle electrical and air conditioning services in Peppermint Grove. No patchwork or cheap tricks; only permanent solutions that offer great value for money. 

We plan and execute every job adhering to the safety protocols.  Early in the morning, late in the night or over the weekend, find a reliable electrician in Peppermint Grove with us, just a call away.  

Electrical Professional Installing Residual Current Device


Residential Electricians Icon

Residential Electricians

A small home, luxury condo or a big family home, our licensed electricians can fix and replace anything and everything electrical. Promise optimum safety and energy efficiency.

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Commercial Electricians

We can repair and replace faulty lighting, HVAC, CCTC cameras, and more. One-off job or hire for regular electrical maintenance, we reduce business downtime. 

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Real Estate Electricians

Comprehensive real estate electrical inspection and testing services. Keeping your property protected from electrical hazards and in compliance with the building’s safety codes

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Air Conditioner Technicians

We repair, replace and install air conditioners of all local and national brands. Be it ducted, evaporative, or split system air conditioners, we can help. Effective and energy-efficient air conditioning solutions for homes, offices, etc.

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Home Automation Experts

Control your home via a smartphone, anytime, anywhere. Lighting, air conditioner, music, CCTV camera and more. Let home automation make your life more comfortable and convenient than before. It is a matter of a few taps on the screen now.

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24/7 Emergency Electricians

Do not let unexpected electrical issues ruin the day for you, especially if you’re running a business. Reducing downtime and restoring normalcy—our 24/7 emergency electricians are just a call away to help you.

Frequently Asked Question

There are red flags that call for the help of a reliable electrician. Some of them are:
  1. Frequent CB tripping off
  2. Sparking in the switchboard
  3. Loose wiring with insulation wearing off
  4. Heated power switches
  5. Shock or surges in the electrical system
  6. Burning smel
Ignoring or delaying getting the problem fixed can put you and your family’s safety at risk. Call one of our electricians in Peppermint Grove at 0430 012 287 for field inspection.

We are one of the affordable air conditioner electricians in Peppermint Grove. The repair cost depends on the nature of the problem. One of our AC technicians will pay a visit to diagnose the issue and share a rough estimate for the job. Give us a call at 0430 012 287 for free consultations and quotes. 

When you hire Platinum Power & Air, you can be assured of 5 years of workmanship warranty.  If anything goes wrong within the period, we take complete responsibility for fixing it, free of cost. 

While you may think of saving a few bucks, you may put yourself and your family at risk. Please understand, modern electrical systems are complex and may leave you confused as to what has gone wrong. 

Electrical work, regular or emergency, requires a licensed professional like Platinum Power & Air. From diagnosis to repair or replacement, we do everything on the spot. You can sit and relax knowing the best electricians team in Peppermint Grove is there to help you.

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