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We Keep Your Electrical System at its Best

Just like how we go to the doctor or dentist for a regular check-up. Getting your electrical system or appliance looked at regularly helps identify potential problems before they become a serious issue!

A poorly maintained electrical system can expose your home, business, or family to serious risks! It also puts a burden your electrical system to be less efficient which lead to extra costs.

Platinum Power & Air are your electrical maintenance technicians within the Perth metro area. Our fully trained and licensed team provide a range of electrical maintenance services including in-depth inspections, testing and diagnostics of your electrical systems and appliances. Our priority for your safety ensures we deliver quality electrical maintenance services that has your system running safer and effectively.


Electrical installation, servicing, and maintenance tools.

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Key signs that your electrical system is failing

There can be many indications your electrical system is failing. If you notice any of the following signs at your home or office:

You could be at risk and should contact our technicians immediately. We inspect, test, and diagnose faults quickly to resolve the problem before it can further impact your home or business.

You can rest easy knowing Platinum Power & Air are on the job.

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Our Electrical Maintenance

As your preferred local electrical maintenance technicians, we offer a range of electrical maintenance services that is reliable, effective, and professional for your home or business.

Electrical Inspection & Testing

Is your electrical system operating safely and efficiently? Or feeling unsure if your new property’s electrical system is in good working order? Our electrical maintenance services offers a comprehensive electrical inspection and testing service to give you the answers you need. We carefully identify and help you understand any electrical hazards in your home or building. From our diagnosis of your space, we offer professional guidance to increase its safety and efficiency.

Preventative Electrical Maintenance

Are you running electrical equipment 24/7? If you are, you need to stay on top on keeping them in good working condition to operate safely. We can perform preventative electrical maintenance checks on your electrical equipment to ensure it does not put your building, employees, and business at risk. We investigate a range of electrical equipment from RCD’s, lighting, CCTV to refrigeration with our preventative electrical maintenance to identify hazards before they become problem.

Electrical Appliance Maintenance

A faulty electrical device or appliance can be a serious problem if not looked at immediately. If your circuit breakers(fuses) trip frequently, or you notice foul smells, smoke or sparks. You could have a faulty appliance. The team at Platinum Power & Air offer electrical maintenance services that covers a range of electrical appliances. Our electrical technicians diagnose your electrical problem to determine if it lies in the appliance or something more serious.

Switchboard Upgrades

Having a working switchboard is essential to your building or home’s daily operation as it controls and distributes electricity to different parts of your property effectively. As your switchboard bears this heavy burden, it needs to be regularly serviced, repaired, or upgraded to avoid potential problems. Our electrical maintenance services provide your switchboard the regular service and repairs it needs to keep the efficiency of your electrical system flowing flawlessly.

Electrical Safety Maintenance

It is almost vital to ensure your home or building’s electrical system is maintained and running safely. Platinum Power & Air offer comprehensive electrical maintenance services for both residential and commercial properties. Our fully qualified and licensed technicians know what to look out for in resolving any fault before it becomes a major problem. This saves you not only from potential costly repairs, but also the life of others and yourself.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Keeping your solar panel regularly maintained is a great way to continue to save on energy and costs with little disruption to its performance. Depending on its installation, your solar panel might have a build-up of dust and debris, as well as being exposed to rain, and winds. This can compromise or deteriorate the performance of your solar panel system. We offer electrical maintenance services to keep your solar panel system safe and operating properly for longer.

Load Monitoring Device & Surge Protection

Are you aware that power surges occur within your electrical system multiple times each day? Though it is brief and poses little risk, in time it can make an impact on your electrical devices. We offer electrical maintenance services to protect your expensive electrical devices. Our 2-stage approach to surge protection tests both the main switchboard and plugged appliances. This allows us to identify and divert surges to protect your property.

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Experience the platinum difference

Ever had a tradesman work for you and leave a mess behind after they’ve finished the job? At Platinum Power & Air, we understand how frustrating that can be. All our technicians leave the area as clean as it was when we got there. Other than your air conditioning or electrical system working like it was when new, you’ll never know we were there. But we’re confident you won’t forget us!

Our team is passionate about what we do. There is no job too big or too small. You can rely on Platinum Power & Air for all your air conditioning and electrical needs.

Fully trained and licensed technicians

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We always clean up after ourselves

5 year warranty on all of our work

Over 14 years in the industry

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Do You Require more than an Electrical Maintenance Service?

We Offer Electrical Installation & Repairs!

Electrical Installations

Need to install a new electrical appliance but don’t have the know-how or the right tools for the job? Platinum Power & Air are the experts in installing electrical appliances from a simple exhaust or ceiling fan to a full circuit breaker (fuse) board replacement. Look no further than Platinum Power & Air for your electrical installation.

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