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Property electrical condition reports

Do you know if the electrical system in your properties is safe? Maybe you’re managing or selling a property but are unsure if the electrical system complies with the required standards and regulations?

Platinum Power & Air offers a comprehensive real estate electrical inspection and testing service that could give you the answers you need.

We test your property’s entire electrical system, from the main switchboard to the power points. We help you understand any electrical hazards and can rectify them to ensure your property is safe and compliant with the required standards. We also provide you with an electrical condition report you can present to prospective purchasers or tenants!

We can also undertake annual inspections and tests to ensure your electrical system is safe and compliant now and into the future. You can rely on Platinum Power & Air to help keep your properties and your tenants safe. We are your go-to real estate, property manager, and strata electrician in the greater Perth metropolitan area.

Property electrical inspection and testing reports

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Electrical repairs and maintenance

Like most things, your property’s electrical system is subject to wear and tear over time. However, unlike a lot of other things, a poorly maintained electrical system can place your property or your tenants at risk!

It could also have an impact on your property’s value.

To ensure optimum safety and efficiency, you need to have your property’s electrical system maintained by a professional. The fully trained and licensed technicians at Platinum Power & Air can service your electrical system for you and carry out any required repairs to ensure your system is working as it should.

Proper servicing and maintenance of your home’s electrical system could not only save you money and help retain your property’s value, it could save your tenants’ lives. Contact Platinum Power & Air today for your property’s electrical service, maintenance and repairs.

Tekton Angle Nose Slip Joint Pliers Tool

Residual current device (RCD) installation and testing.

Do you know if you have Residual Current Devices (RCDs) in your properties? From 2009, RCDs became a legal requirement for all homes being sold or rented in Western Australia.

If you are selling or renting a home, harsh penalties apply if RCDs are not fitted. Even if you have circuit breakers installed, RCDs are the only devices that will prevent electrocution.

At least two RCDs must be fitted to the electrical switchboard of your property to protect all general power and lighting circuits. Your RCDs must also be tested every three months to ensure they are working correctly.

If you are unsure you have RCDs fitted to any of your properties, contact Platinum Power & Air today! Our licensed electricians can help you find out if you have RCDs installed and fit them for you if you don’t. We can also undertake regular inspections and tests to ensure your RCDs are safe and compliant on an ongoing basis. Platinum Power & Air are your electrical safety experts!

Electrical Professional Installing Residual Current Device

Smoke alarm installation and testing.

Do you have smoke alarms fitted to your properties? Do you know if they are working correctly?

The Building Regulations 2012 require mains powered smoke alarms to be fitted in all existing residential buildings prior to sale or, for rental properties, before a new tenancy agreement is signed. They must also be tested at least once every year.

Smoke alarms installed in your property must be less than 10 years old and hard-wired to the mains electrical supply. A $750 infringement notice could be issued for any premise without a smoke alarm, while the seller or landlord could face a fine of up to $5000.

If you are unsure about smoke alarms in any of your properties, call Platinum Power & Air today. Our licensed electricians can help you determine if your property complies with the Regulations and take appropriate action, where needed. You can rely on the electrical safety experts at Platinum Power & Air.

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Porch/entry lighting

Worried about security around your property?

Maybe your tenants are having trouble finding their door keys at night. Since 1 July 2015, the Residential Tenancies Regulations 1989 require most rental properties to have an electrical light installed at, or near, the main entry. The light must also be operable from inside the home.

A sensor light can be one of the most affordable and practical ways to achieve effective lighting at the porch or main entry of your property. Sensor lights activate when they detect movement, so anyone stepping in front of them will instantly be flooded with light.

Potential burglars usually like to work in the dark so a sensor light will foil their plan to break into your property, costing you money for any damage they cause. The best part is, with a sensor light your tenants will never find themselves fumbling for their door keys again! Increase your property’s security and comply with the Regulations today with porch/entry lighting from Platinum Power & Air.

Residential lighting

Why you need an experienced electrician for property inspections:

To ensure optimum safety and efficiency, you need to have your electrical work performed by an experienced professional.

In many cases, it is illegal for anyone other than a licensed electrician to do electrical work. Licensed electricians are bound by industry standards and regulations, and have the skills and knowledge required to resolve your electrical issues.

At Platinum Power & Air, our technicians are all fully trained and licensed electricians. With over 14 years’ experience in the industry, we can help you with all your electrical needs, from installing a simple exhaust fan to a full home rewire. We can even mount your new TV on the wall! For 100% satisfaction and peace of mind, look no further than the professional team at Platinum Power & Air. We are your residential electrical experts.

Property electrician

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Our Electrical Services

General electrical services

Platinum Power & Air is the team to call for anything electrical.

Emergency electrical services

There's no need to panic! We're available 24/7 to cover all types of electrical emergencies.

Real estate electrical services

We offer a comprehensive real estate electrical inspection and testing service for property rentals & sales.

Residential electrical services

Brighten up your home with modern energy-efficient & cost-effective lighting systems.

Repairs & servicing

Platinum Power & Air can deliver a safe and effective diagnosis and repair service from start to finish.


Keep your electrical system properly maintained to avoid unnecessary problems and risks.


Brighten up your home with modern energy efficient & cost-effective lighting systems.

Electrical design

Our electrical experts can help you design and install a system tailored to your requirements.

Wiring installation

Our team are experts at wiring installations, whether it be a new build, existing home, or heritage restoration.

Light switches & power points

Our electricians can provide safe installation of light switches & power points.

Inspections & testing

Our comprehensive inspection and test will help you understand any electrical hazards in your home and offer guidance to increase safety & efficiency.

Load monitoring & surge protection

Protect your electrical devices with our two-stage surge protection solution.

Safety switches - RCDs

RCDs are a legal requirement for all homes being sold or rented in WA.

Home automation & smart technology

Control your home at the touch of a button or a simple voice command.

Security system installation

Worried about the security of your home? We know all about home security and can help find the right system for your home.

Solar power

Take advantage of the WA's long, sunny days. Minimise your power bills and carbon footprint with solar power.

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