Evaporative Air Conditioning

An energy efficient solution to cool your home.

An environmentally friendly approach to air conditioning.

Evaporative air conditioning is an environmentally friendly home cooling solution and is ideal for the dry Western Australian climate.

As the system adds moisture to the air, it does not emit greenhouse gases. It is also very cost-effective in the initial installation, ongoing operation and maintenance.

When designing an evaporative system for your home, our expert team works with you to understand your specific needs and application. We tailor a system to suit your budget and your home’s individual layout, to keep you and your family comfortable all summer long.

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How does evaporative aircon work?

Evaporative air conditioning is the least complicated ducted air conditioning solution on the market. We’ve broken it down so you can understand the basics.

The control module is the "brains" of the system.

It controls the system's features, including sensing of temperature and water quality.

Installed in a discrete location, usually on top of the roof of the home. Contains the main system components, including the fan and the water pump.

Located in the main unit, draws warm air from outside, pumps it through the moistened filter pad into the system ducting.

Located in the main unit, pumps water through the filter pad to maintain moisture and optimum cooling performance.

Moistened pad where warm air passes through the system to become cool air.

Hidden from view throughout the roof cavity, channels air throughout the home via air outlets.

Stylish openings installed in the ceiling where cool air is pumped into the home.

The advantages of using evaporative air conditioning:

What to be aware of before installing evaporative AC:

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