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We live in a golden age of technology, where almost every part of our lives can be managed from a smart device.

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What is Home Automation?

Feel the power of controlling your home from the touch of your phone or smart device. Home automation is the technology that allows you to control your home’s security, lighting, garage doors, entertainment systems and many other appliances.

With home automation systems, the possibilities are endless. From what seemed to be a science fiction dream to remotely control your home, it can now be all under your control. There are even some home automation systems that let you control them with your voice!

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How Does Smart Home Automation Work?

Through the advancement of modern technology, wireless and the internet. It has made it possible for us to be able to utilise functions that have improved the value, functionality, and convenience of your home. A smart home automation system gives you the control over the lighting, air conditioning, entertainment systems and various appliances of your home. Smart home automations also improve the security of your home with functions such as access control, auto-timers and alarm systems.

Most home automations are set up to be controlled remotely from a mobile device at any place at any time. While home automation may be referred to isolated programmable systems like your reticulation system. Home automation can be clearly defined by giving you the ability to freely control your appliances, air conditioning, outlets, garage doors, alarm systems, cameras, and locks through a remote controllable network.

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Why Have a Home Automation System?


Control your home’s temperature conditions and more from your smart phone or with voice recognition! Fitting your home with a smart home automation system brings comfort living to a whole new level. No longer will you have to move yourself endlessly around the house to turn an appliance off or worry about where the switch is late at night!

By integrating your T.V, security system, garage door, air conditioning, and lighting all on one system that can be managed autonomously or on your smart device. You now can freely control your appliances on hand at anytime or anywhere in the world!

Energy Efficiency

Adding a home automation system into your home can significantly improve its energy efficiency.

Forgetting to turn off appliances and leaving things on can be frustrating. What better way to save on energy with a home automation system that knows you have left the room or home and be able to switch off appliances either autonomously or from your phone!

How about being able to detect when a room temperature is too hot and be able to automatically turn off when it reaches a certain comfortable temperature? With a home automation system, the possibilities to improve your homes energy efficiency and save on cost is endless!


Cool your room or dim your lighting with a simple touch of a button from your phone. Your smart home system automatically detects your known location and can prepare the room to adjust the temperature, lighting, security system and even have your favourite playlist on as you arrive home after a long day at work!

Your home automation system allows you to choose different pre-programmed scenarios to suit any event in your home. Got a house party coming up and want to create a party vibe? Or want to set the living area for movie night? It’s that easy with a home automated system.


Fitting a home automation system with your homes security and appliances allows you to be smarter in preventing unwanted visitors. Gone away for the weekend or a holiday? Why not make it appear like someone is home by adjusting the lighting or turning on the T.V remotely.

Customise your home automation system to send you live alerts of what’s happening around your home. Get the freedom to adjust your automated security system your way with the endless range of detection options.

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Smart Home Solutions Features

Control your home with ease from a simple tap on your phone! Platinum Power & Air are your smart home installation experts for lighting, music, air conditioning and more! We integrate smart functions seamlessly to make your home as convenient and comfortable as possible. Explore smart features like.

Smart Hubs

Manage and connect your home’s automated systems and appliances through a single app while at home or away!

Home Theatre

Want the perfect setting for your cinematic experience? Control sound, lights, and shades all through one tap or voice command.

Smart Lighting

Turn your home into any mood you want it to be with precise lightning control all from a single tap!

Smart Surveillance

Secure your home with smart 24/7 surveillance. From outdoor monitoring to remote access to your rooms. No home invader is safe in your home!

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